We've worked with everyone from established professional service providers to startup creative ventures. While working across a wide variety of industries presents a unique challenge, we couldn't be happier that our clients don't fit into a neat little box. We pride ourselves on being able to adapt to any environment and provide positive results. We'll admit we have a soft spot for those with an entrepreneurial spirit, but it's far from a requirement.


From startups to well-established businesses and everything in between, we work with closely-held businesses across a wide range of industries. While our clients are a diverse group, we do have a wealth of experience working with professional service organizations, real estate entities, contractors, and creative endeavors.

Self-Employed Individuals

We love working with entrepreneurs, in part because we understand first-hand the unique challenges that come along with being your own boss. We're on call as a resource to our clients as they navigate self-employment. We can help you with an endless series of firsts, from filing your first tax return to hiring your first employee. Our guidance will ease your uncertainty and keep you on track.


We work with individuals in all stages of life to file tax returns and plan for the future. Whether you're a recent graduate filing your first "real" tax return or a family in need of advanced tax planning, we're well-versed in state and federal tax law and equipped to provide the guidance you need.


We've worked with a wide variety of non-profit organizations over the years. Non-profit accounting is a different animal and often requires specialized forms of record keeping. We can determine your needs and requirements, then show you the ropes to make sure you're in compliance.